The Automatic Resource Collector is a device that lets you harvest Wood cards from Tree tiles and dispense them as Wood cards. The Wood cards dispensed by this item can be used to stockpile inside of a Resource Collector (Thus allowing you to avoid the process of clicking a tree all day!) or process into Plank cards. Both of these cards are usable as Resources for purchasing items. This can proven handy if the tree is in the way.

However... There is a ridiculous upgraded and Marblized variant of this...


To use this item, follow these simple instructions:

1) Select the item in your inventory, and make the marker come up for placement.

2) Rotate your model until the red scanner is above the green/brown plate of a Tree.

3) Place it down.

4) Place a Resource Collector in front of the small spitting end of the machine next to the side. You will then get Wood cards. If you wish to automatically collect Plank cards instead, make sure that you place a Suspended Log Chipper below the spitter instead of the collector. It will collect the cards and convert them directly to Planks.