The Corrupted Alchemy Pack is the first pack available in Extreme Mode. It awards 25k plasma, Alchemist's Cauldron, a random Corrupted Alchemy item, and two random gem depots.

Note: Due to an update on July 31, 2017, cards are dealt out based on a weighted random system. This means that cards will be dealt based upon your current Persistent Inventory contents until the item quantities are equal.

The pack costs $50 Qnd, as well as 2k Arsenic Dust, 100k Iron, 10k Paper, 32k Iron Dust, 1.5k Nichrome Plate, 450 Gallium, 2.5k Coal, 1M Granite, 1.5k Hepatizon Plate, 5M Stone, 4k Clay, 110 Silicon, 540 CrimClay, 500 Plastic, 400 Duralumin Dust, 5.5k Gold, 550 Zinc Dust, 32 Obsidian, and 2k Glass.

As of 10/24/2017 These are all of the main pack items:

So far here's all the bonus items discovered:

In addition to one of the above items (and any that may be undiscovered), two random gem depots are awarded. These include:

All current Gem Depots except Diamond take 1min 30 sec to drop. Power Consumption for each is as follows: 500TU (Emerald), 20TU (Ruby), 15TU (Sapphire), 1TU (Topaz), 500BU (Diamond), and 1kU (Amethyst). The Diamond depot acts like a persistent Alder Portal Diamond Depot only with less energy consumption.

Corrupt Alchemy Marble Items: