This quarry dropper is the most powerful version of the Mineral Dropper. This is because it uses the power of the ominous! Not only that people also say that it drills so deep that it leave behind a gateway to the underworld! If that isn't spooky enough then I don't know what is.

It should be noted, however, that mineral droppers drop money vessel ores. These ores do not count as resources and can only be sold to collectors for cash or destroyed. This dropper should not be confused with Worldly Quarries.

The Crimsonite Mineral Selector is meant to be an end-game extreme based item, it is a quarry that only drops 1 ore every 1 minute worth 125 Sp and also rarely drops another red ore worth 2.5 No and a white ore that is worth 10 No.

It can be obtained in the Supreme Pack and the Diamond Pack.