The Diamond Pack is the best pack in Normal Mode, and also the gateway pack to Extreme Mode. It holds the top tier items in Normal Mode with a chance of 80% to get one from it. Because of its top tier, it's the hardest pack to get in Normal Mode; with a Plasma cost of 150k. However, this is not considered a progression pack, since it awards no plasma; this pack simply serves as a gateway to Extreme Mode.

The pack awards a Diamond pylon when opened. In addition, unlike the previous packs, you can buy 2 of them on the same file.

Its possible to obtain items from this pack that are in the Supreme Pack and the Progression Pack.

You can obtain one of these main pack items:

These items are rarely given as a bonus:

Diamond Pack Marble Item:

The only pack after this one is possibly the Aquamarine Pack, which is not currently added. The only other packs are available in Extreme Mode.

The Tiers after this are: Ominous Dunes, Chocolate Factory, and Void.

There may be more, but who knows.