This upgrader gathers the power of lava and shoot it down into a single beam. As lava represents the power of nature this upgraders is the most powerful upgrader that can be obtained from the Progression Pack. Due to this power it isn't useful for early game content!

The lava stasis concentrator triples the value with an apply limit of 5. Its consumption, however, is 2BU, making it the second highest energy requiring progression item that is found in the Progression Pack, after Crimson Force.

It can be found in Progression Pack, Supreme pack and Diamond Pack.

The upgrade does not reach the edges of the upgrader, so ores on the edge will not be upgraded.

The total multiplier of this upgrader, when used the maximum amount of times, is x243.

There is a trick to use the upgrades from this without having the power for it, though it is risky. Put a wall at the end with using conveyors, then remove the conveyors, which will make the ore stuck on the wall. place the upgrader where the ore are, and if the ore are big enough, you should be able to walk on them so that the upgrades can trigger, which is great for any stage of easy and normal mode!