The Mineral Dropper is one of the few quarry droppers in the game. It's necessary to progress, because it spits out diamonds, which, when paired up with the Basic Diamond Enchanter and the right setup, can allow you to get massive amounts of money, potentially skipping Trillions altogether.

It should be noted, however, that mineral droppers drop money vessel ores. These ores do not count as resources and can only be sold to collectors for cash or destroyed. This dropper should not be confused with Worldly Quarries.

The Mineral Dropper can drop many types of random ore, once every 20 seconds. The values of these ores can range from being so low that they're pointless, to diamonds which are worth $75,000. Diamonds can be distinguished by their teal color.

These are all the minerals that are dropped by the mineral dropper:

  • Cerulean = Osmium worth $14.4B (0.01333%)
  • White = Platinum worth $5.12B (0.02%)
  • Teal = Diamond worth $75k (0.9997%)
  • Red = Ruby worth $50k (1.979%)
  • Brown = Iron Ore worth $5k (6.143%)
  • Dark Blue = Sodalite worth $4k (8.6%)
  • Light green = Emerald worth $2.5k (4.849%)
  • Black = Coal worth $250 (15.48%)
  • Gray = Rock worth $1 (307/750) (30.96%)
  • Dark Green = Trash worth $0 (30.96%)

The Trash Filter instantly deletes all ores apart from diamond, platinum, and osmium that the Mineral Dropper creates, useful in keeping lag and drop limits at an acceptable level.

There exists an upgraded version of this dropper that costs $500Sxt (and 10 Nickel called Enhanced Mineral Dropper) and drops ores worth 10x as much, requiring the Diamond Amplifier instead. The upgraded dropper also drops ores once every second, instead of the 20 that the original takes. Note that ores that are worth $0 (trash) have their value and base value automatically bumped to $1.