Photon is the manifestation of different electromagnetic waves! Photons are created when, within an atom, the electron falls to a lower energy state. This mainly occurs by heat. But it can also happen with radioactivity. When this process happens, a photon is created and shown as light. This is also how atomic absorption spectroscopy works.

This is one of the most powerful upgraders that is found in the Supreme Pack exclusively. It upgrades the ore by multiplying its value by 12.5 (the tool-tip DOES contain a mistake, but is easy to read wrong otherwise. It should increase the value by 1200% of itself, making the total value of multiplication at 1300%. However, the total value of multiplication is 1250%, so the tooltip should say +1150%.) and has an apply limit of 3. This upgrader can be used in mid-game to end-game content as it only consumes 400k u.

Total Multiplier: 1953.125