This upgrader not only upgrades the ore but also drops an ore! The upgrader part uses the power of radioactivity to triple the value of an ore. It drops an ore every 3 seconds. This is assumebly due to the fact that the upgrader is so radioactive that it mutates into an ore!

The Radioactive Dropgrader is a very unique item, as it is an upgrader and dropper at the same time. The drop is worth $7.5k, but gets upgraded to $22.5k, as the upgrader multiplies ores by 3x, and can be used twice. It consumes 64 u, which is a useful item to get early on in Progression Pack.

It can be obtained in the Progression Pack, Supreme pack and Diamond Pack.

HISTORY: Before 9/5/16, the ores were worth $10 and it multiplied by 10. however, it could not be looped. It was nerfed from the lack of energy it took up and how overpowered the item was.