This page contains information pertaining to extreme mode! Extreme mode is intended to be played without the help of a wiki. You have been warned!

Extreme Setups

These are the setups to use in extreme! Just to be sure, ONLY USE THESE SETUPS IN EXTREME!

Tens/Hundreds Setup

You want to use the Primitive Wood Dropper and Stick Droppers going right into the Crimson Drop Sapper. You also want to add Primitive Upgraders along the way as you get money!

Early-Mid Thousands Setup

For this setup you want to build upon the previous one: 30-50 Stick Droppers


10 Primitive Upgraders

2 Primitive Tacks

Crimson Drop Sapper

This will get you sticks ranging from $1.82 to $2.52.

Once you have $55k, get Cookie Refiner and put it right before the Crimson Drop Sapper.

After you get Basic Oil Refinery, save up for Crimson Resampler.

Late Thousands/Millions Setup

This is the setup where you switch to Cobblestone Triple Fountains.

6-8 Cobblestone Triple Fountains

1 Paper-Thin Upgrader

2 Primitive Tacks

3 Rock Tacks

7 Granite Processor

1 Cookie Refiner


Then a Crimson Resampler

This will get you $25.67 per ore.

When you can, add 3 Extreme Tacks before resampler, 12 Nacho Upgraders after granite processors, and 11 Advanced Drop Tacks after the nacho upgraders. This will get you $810.08 per ore.

Next, save up for Crimson Tenth Altar as it will provide you with a huge boost of money - just this one change brings your ore value to $65.62k!

Finally, add 6 Unidentified Flying Upgraders after the Advanced Drop Tacks! this will net you $294k Cash per ore!