The Galactic Supreme Pack is the second tier of progression packs, and a higher tier than the Progression Pack. The pack requires 1k Plasma to open, but it includes many powerful galactic supreme items obtainable from this pack. Sonic Conveyors are obtainable from this pack, at nearly 100% chance, replaced with Large Stone Depot otherwise. It is possible to obtain the Platinum Concentrator Solar Cell at a higher chance in this pack, and also a very rare chance to get the elusive Fantastic Platinum Lunar Cell.

The supreme pack is tier 2/3 of current alien items. Upon buying the pack you receive 10k Plasma, as well as also receiving the achievement Galactic Overseer; as well as a Supreme Pylon trophy. The supreme pack is the last progression tier pack in normal mode, since the Diamond Pack is not considered a progression pack.

You are able to obtain one of the main pack items in each pack:

In addition, you get one of these two items:

The following rare items can be obtained as a bonus:

The marble items available for this pack are as follows: