• Hey does it really annoy people for getting new pack that is mablizating ?
    If they even don't know the mablization, this pack will be confused as a bug.

    I recommend to add (or repair) something that player will no longer be confused between mablization and the bug/glitch.
    And here is many tip I give to you:
    1. Add the line in chat: "OMG!!! You haven't got any items. Your effort is becoming useless, doesn't it ?"
    2. You will still get many cards gui like normal, however these card aren't revealed and the logo of mablization pops up inside these.

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    • Well at one time the chat used to have a funny way of telling you that your pack was marbalized. It would say something like "Oops your pack didn't give you anything." I'm not sure why it was removed or if a roblox update broke that feature.

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    • Most likely a roblox update broke the marbilization messages. What a shame, it was funny knowing that my effort was essentially wasted in the short term.

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